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At EZAi, we understand that creating engaging and professional content can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we’ve curated an extensive collection of templates designed to make your content creation process seamless and efficient. Explore our diverse range of templates below and discover how they can elevate your content to new heights.

Amazon Product Bullet Point

Create concise and compelling bullet points for Amazon product listings. Enhance product visibility, highlight key features, and drive conversions.

Apology Email

Craft sincere and professional apology emails to mend relationships and resolve conflicts. Express genuine remorse and seek reconciliation.

AppStore App Description

Create captivating descriptions for mobile apps on the AppStore. Engage users, highlight unique features, and encourage downloads.

AppStore Optimisation

Optimise your mobile app’s visibility with targeted keywords. Improve search rankings, attract relevant users, and increase app downloads.

AppStore Promo Video Script

Write compelling scripts for promotional videos of mobile apps. Showcase app functionality, captivate viewers and drive app engagement.

AppStore Subtitle

Create catchy and concise subtitles for your mobile app on the AppStore. Summarise app benefits, entice users, and increase visibility.

Baby Name Inspiration

Discover a wide range of unique and meaningful baby names for expectant parents. Find inspiration and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Birthday Card Message

Craft heartfelt and personalized birthday card messages. Convey warm wishes, express love, and make someone’s birthday extra special.

Blog from Bullets

Transform bullet points into engaging and informative blog posts. Expand on ideas, provide valuable insights, and captivate readers.

Blog Post

Write detailed and well-researched blog posts on a wide range of topics. Share knowledge, spark discussions, and establish thought leadership.

Blog Post Ideas

Get creative with 15 interesting and compelling blog post ideas. Generate fresh content topics and engage your readers effectively.

Brainstorm Ideas

Unlock your creativity with a brainstorming session. Generate innovative ideas and find unique solutions to challenges.

Bullet Points To Review

Write comprehensive and insightful product or service reviews based on a set of bullet points. Provide valuable information and recommendations.

Business Growth Ideas

Generate 10 practical and effective ideas to fuel business growth. Identify opportunities, implement strategies, and achieve success.

Business Story

Craft an engaging and compelling story about your business. Share your journey, values, and unique selling points to captivate your audience.

Instagram Carousel Post

Create captivating Instagram carousel posts with captivating captions, engaging titles, and compelling calls-to-action. Enhance your social media presence.

Case Study Ideas

Explore 25 case study ideas to showcase your expertise and success stories. Demonstrate real-world examples and results.

Christmas Poem

Write a cheerful and rhyming Christmas poem to spread holiday joy and share warm wishes with loved ones.

Company Names

Brainstorm 10 creative and memorable company name ideas. Build a strong brand identity and make a lasting impression.

Create a Facebook Ad

Design compelling Facebook ads to promote your products or services. Capture attention, engage your target audience, and drive conversions.

Create a Google Ad

Write a cheerful and rhyming Christmas poem to spread holiday joy and share warm wishes with loved ones.

Business Motto

Generate 10 impactful and memorable business mottos. Define your brand’s essence and communicate your unique value proposition.

Create FAQs

Generate 15 frequently asked questions with detailed answers. Provide helpful resources and address common inquiries for your customers.

Create Interview Questions

Develop a list of 15 insightful interview questions to identify the best candidates for a specific role. Conduct effective and informative interviews.

CV Cover Letter

Create a professional and tailored cover letter for your CV. Highlight your qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm for the desired position.

CV Personal Statement

Craft a compelling personal statement for your CV that grabs recruiters’ attention and highlights your unique strengths and qualities.

Engaging Email Subject

Generate 10 engaging and attention-grabbing email subject lines. Increase open rates and entice recipients to read your emails.

Essay Intro

Write an engaging and compelling introduction for an essay. Set the tone, capture readers’ interest, and provide a clear overview of your topic.

Essay Outline

Create a well-structured essay outline with clear main points and supporting arguments. Organise your thoughts and present a cohesive essay.


Unleash your creativity with our freestyle option. Create content from scratch, giving you complete freedom to express your ideas.

Gift Ideas

Discover 100 unique and thoughtful gift ideas for various occasions. Find the perfect gifts for your loved ones and make their day memorable.

Grammar Corrector

Correct text to standard English, ensuring proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Enhance the quality and readability of your content.

Instagram Hashtags

Create relevant and effective hashtags for your Instagram posts. Boost discoverability, increase engagement, and expand your reach.

Instagram Post

Write three detailed and engaging Instagram posts with emojis, hashtags, and suggest an image or graphic. Enhance your Instagram presence.

Introduce Yourself

Write a short and impactful self-introduction to make a memorable impression in professional and personal settings.

Job Description

Create an in-depth and detailed job description for a specific role. Outline responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications.

Keyword Extractor

Write three detailed and engaging Instagram posts with emojis, hashtags, and suggest an image or graphic. Enhance your Instagram presence.

LinkedIn Bio

Write an engaging and persuasive bio for your LinkedIn profile. Highlight your skills, accomplishments, and professional brand.

LinkedIn Post

Write an engaging LinkedIn post with relevant hashtags. Share valuable insights, industry news, and spark professional discussions.

Love Letter

Write an endearing and heartfelt love letter to express your deep affection and emotions to someone special.

Notes/Bullets to Summary

Create a concise and comprehensive meeting summary report from a set of bullet points. Capture key discussions and outcomes effectively.

Meta Description

Craft a compelling meta description for your website’s SEO. Optimize it to entice search engine users and improve click-through rates.

Meta Title

Create an effective and keyword-rich meta title for your website’s SEO. Enhance visibility and relevance in search engine results.

Newsletter Brainstorm

Generate 10 creative ideas for your company’s email marketing newsletter. Provide engaging and informative content for your subscribers.

Newsletter Content

Create well-written and informative content for your company’s newsletter. Engage readers with interesting and valuable information.

Powerpoint Structure Generator

Design visually appealing PowerPoint presentations with eight slides. Organize titles, subtitles, content, and suggested images for each slide.

Product Description

Write an in-depth and persuasive description for a product. Highlight features, benefits, and convince customers to make a purchase.

Reply Email

Write a professional and detailed reply to a given email. Address inquiries, provide information, and maintain effective communication.


Rewrite a given text to make it more engaging, compelling, and suitable for its intended purpose. Enhance its impact and effectiveness.

Review Digester & Action Generator

Extract key improvements and actionable insights from customer reviews. Identify areas for improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

Service Description

Create an in-depth and detailed description of a specific service. Showcase its benefits, features, and value to potential customers.

Social Media Plan

Develop a comprehensive and well-structured social media plan for your business. Outline strategies, goals, and content ideas.

Summarise for a Kid

Simplify complex information into kid-friendly language. Summarise concepts and ideas for young readers to understand easily.

Summarise Text

Summarise a given text into concise and clear bullet points. Extract main ideas and key details effectively.

Thank You for the Gift Received

Write a heartfelt thank you message for a received gift. Express gratitude, share appreciation, and convey how you plan to use the gift.

TikTok Video Script

Create a viral and entertaining TikTok video script. Capture viewers’ attention, deliver engaging content, and maximize shares.

Welcome Email

Write an engaging welcome email for a startup company. Make a positive first impression and set the tone for a great customer experience.

Write a Facebook Post

Compose a detailed and engaging Facebook post with emojis, hashtags, and relevant content. Captivate your audience on the platform.

Write a Tender Response

Develop a detailed answer to a specific tender question. Showcase your capabilities, expertise, and unique value proposition effectively.

Write a Tweet

Write ten detailed and engaging tweets with spaces between each tweet. Include hashtags, emojis, and captivating content on a specific topic.

Write a Video Script

Create an in-depth and engaging script for a promotional or informative video. Capture the audience’s attention and deliver your message effectively.

YouTube Video Description

Craft five engaging and detailed description options for a YouTube video. Optimize your video’s discoverability and captivate viewers.

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