Unlocking the Full Potential of EZAi: A Step-by-Step Guide to Freestyle Content Creation


Struggling to churn out content? Say hello to EZAi, your ultimate content creation companion. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down how to use EZAi’s freestyle template to get high-quality content without breaking a sweat.

What You’ll Need

  • The EZAi app installed on your device
  • An idea of what you want to create

Getting Started with EZAi’s Freestyle Template

Step 1: Launch the EZAi App

Begin by opening the EZAi app on your device. You’ll find yourself on the home screen, which is your portal to a world of seamless content creation.

Step 2: Opt for the ‘Freestyle Template’

From the collection of options on the home screen, click on the ‘Freestyle Template.’ This action opens up a blank canvas, ready to turn your ideas into compelling content.

Step 3: Input Your Creative Thoughts

Here’s where you take the reins. Type your content request in the text box, providing as much context as possible. The clearer and more detailed you are, the better EZAi can generate the content you desire. For instance, instead of simply asking for “a blog,” you could specify “a blog about how AI can improve e-commerce.”

Step 4: Explore Your Options

Once EZAi has created your content, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Copy: Use this to directly copy the content for use elsewhere.
  • Save: For later use or revision, save the content within the app.
  • Rewrite: If the content isn’t up to your standards, hit ‘Rewrite’ and EZAi will try to better match your requirements.

Expert Tips for Better Content

  1. Be Explicit: The clearer your input, the more accurate your content will be.
  2. Don’t hesitate to Rewrite: If the content doesn’t meet your expectations, use the ‘ Rewrite ‘ option to improve the output.
  3. Save Frequently: Always save the output you’re satisfied with. It can serve as a valuable resource for future projects.


Utilising EZAi’s freestyle template is like having a professional writer in your pocket. By following these steps, you’ll find that creating high-quality content is not only possible but incredibly simple.

Give it a try and elevate your content creation game today.

Our easy-to-use App makes it easy to get your content written quickly and efficiently.


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